Stacy Poitras grew up in Plymouth Massachusetts. While attending the prestigious School of the Museum of fine arts in Boston, majoring in painting, he decided to give chainsaw carving a try. He started selling pieces right off the bat… Enough to leave art school and move to Southern California to pursue his new passion. There, he met his muse, and now wife Alison Eastwood.

His style is figurative/realism.

“I use everything I have at my disposal to make my sculptures.” he explains. “I create balance, symmetry, energy and negative space. I am more concerned with the life force of my subjects other than re-creating every nuance… that’s already been done by nature.”

As far as tools go, Stacy is a minimalist. A chainsaw, a grinder, a Dremel and fire are now his paintbrush and colors. With old stumps acting as his canvas.

Like Michelangelo, Stacy cuts away everything that is not the sculpture… revealing the beauty that was hidden within the raw log.
Chainsaw carving is a combination of artistry and danger. “that’s the allure of the medium.”he says. “Making a beautiful and delicate work of art with such a crude and violent tool.”

Stacy has been a professional chainsaw artist for over 30 years. His sculptures can be found all over the world. He has won fine art shows and has defeated world champions in chainsaw carving competitions.

Stacy and his sculptures have been seen in dozens of newspapers, magazines, TV shows and commercials. One sculpture even made it into a Super Bowl commercial.

Stacy also created, produced and starred in his own TV show called “Chainsaw Gang” which averaged 1 million viewers per episode.